Planning The Funeral Transportation Service

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Your funeral transportation needs can be covered with as little uncertainty as possible. Contact the professionals at 540 Party Bus for group transportation.

When you’ve lost a loved one, the last thing you need to deal with is making sure everyone has a ride to the memorial, the graveside service, or any additional gathering spaces. If you can rent a larger vehicle, you can be surrounded by loved ones and supportive friends at every step during this very hard day.

Discuss Your Concerns With the Funeral Home

Depending on the size of your clan, the funeral home may help you use a limousine service. However, if you have family members who have a hard time getting in and out of a low vehicle, using an SUV to transport an elderly loved one or a wheelchair-bound family member may be much easier.

This transportation ease can be even better if you can use a small bus for transportation. The 540 Party Bus company can offer an elegant, understated mode of transport for you and your loved ones throughout this very tough day.

The Benefits of Traveling as a Group

One of the greatest risks after the loss of a loved one is a sense of isolation. Knowing that you are not suffering alone, on the day of the service and the weeks following, will not necessarily make your grieving process easier.

Grief is always hard. However, having a community that understands your suffering and can be there when you need someone to talk to or simply sit with can make it easier to manage your own suffering and pain.

Keeping Folks Organized

When you’ve been through the shock of losing someone close to you, it can be easy to lose track of things. If you’re all taking the same vehicle, you

  • don’t have to worry about driving distractions
  • don’t have to worry about directions
  • can let someone else manage the schedule

There are points in the grieving process where just showing up may take all of your mental focus. Let someone else drive. Join your loved ones in the group vehicle and support one another.

Even a small fender bender on such a tough day will just add to your loss. A serious accident would, of course, add to the sorrow and stress of the day. Let a professional drive you to and put all your focus on your loved ones.

Many family gatherings after a memorial service include a meal. Rather than worrying about trying to gather many people together at a restaurant or another dining venue while everyone is driving their own vehicle, get your clan together on one vehicle for less worry and stress.

You Can Include Some Creature Comforts

When you reserve your transportation for this toughest of days, discuss a few comforts in the rig. Obviously, you will not be partying on this bus. However, you can request or invest in

  • bottled water
  • juice for children
  • tissues

for the vehicle and for the comfort of your family and friends.

By reserving a bus for your friends and family, you can also make sure that everyone will be comfortable as soon as they leave the memorial venue. Our drivers will be ready and waiting with a vehicle that is warmed or cooled as necessary to keep you and your loved ones comfortable as you move from venue graveyard or graveyard to home.

Set a Gathering Spot

You can determine where everyone will meet before you head to the memorial venue. One of the big challenges on these rough days is collecting stragglers, and high levels of grief can lead to frustration. If you have a friend or a family member who is always late, you can direct them to the gathering site a bit early and know where they are for the rest of the day.

Your body, mind, and spirit are already under stress during this tough time. Knowing where your stragglers are, especially if you are supporting an elderly loved one such as a parent while you are mourning the loss of a parent, will save you a lot of stress over the course of the day.

If you are arranging funeral transportation in Virginia for your loved ones, the 540 Party Bus company can help you get control of the day. Contact us and let us take care of your transport needs.

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