The Benefits of a Party Bus for Your Concert Transportation

concert transportation with 540 party bus

Summer 2021 is a great chance to reconnect. Celebrate your summer concerts with friends on the Party Bus. Make a night of it and start the celebration early!

If you have been missing your favorite folks during the pandemic, it is time to celebrate and get back out into the world. To keep things simple, why not rent a party bus with friends to make sure everyone gets to the show on time and has some fun on the way?

Start the Celebration Early

On the party bus, you can do a bit of early celebrating while someone else drives. Check the rules about bringing a cooler or see if your rental service offers one. If they offer a beverage service, even better!

Choose your gathering point with care. For example, you may have the best luck getting everyone to catch a ride to a restaurant or well-lit parking spot so it will be easy for everyone to get a ride home. You may also choose to designate a driver who will take everyone back to their home after the bus drops you off. Do your best to set a schedule for pick-ups so the bus driver has a stopping time.

Avoid Parking Hassles

Finding a parking space at a concert can be a nightmare, and if you want to dress up for your big night, wandering around in heels before and after the concert can lead to very sore feet. While the party bus may not be able to drop you right at the front door, you can travel in air-conditioned comfort to the venue and not have to pay to park in a satellite lot that is blocks away from your favorite performer.

Even better, you will not be stuck wandering through the parking lot looking for your car after the show. You will also not be in the middle of the muddle when everyone is trying to leave the venue. Instead, you will have transportation that is easy to spot, driven by a professional, and loaded with cold beverages and a bit more fun.

Save a Little Cash

Using a party bus for concert transportation can even cover the cost of parking for the whole group! Of course, if this is your big event, such as an anniversary or a birthday, you may choose to treat your favorite folks, but pooling your cash to rent the party bus can actually save cash over time if you bring a cooler full of beverages, some snacks and a great group of friends.

Make sure you get a headcount and confirmation of who will be taking the bus if you choose to pool money to rent your ride. If your group is smaller, a limo may work as well!

Take a Tour

If your local area has a lovely skyline, great natural views, or other special features, consider adding on a tour of the city after your concert experience. You will want to arrange this with friends and with the tour bus rental company long before the event, but checking out the city lights or the stars over nearby mountains can be a lovely way to calm down and relax after a terrific concert.

Get Everyone Home Safely

This form of concert transportation reduces risks for everyone. If you and your friends are going to drink alcohol before and during the concert, having a safe ride away from the venue can save a lot of risks. Even if you choose to be the designated driver, you never know how much the other people in the parking lot have had. It is very easy to get into wrecks in the parking lot or as you drive away from the venue. With a party bus, you can get everyone far away from the congestion and either back to their cars or to a gathering point.

If nothing else, consider meeting up at a 24-hour restaurant. While many of these venues are not elegant, they will allow you

  • plenty of parking lot lighting to protect your vehicles
  • a place to stop and get breakfast if you are hungry after the show
  • a spot to wait indoors for a ride from a friend or a rideshare pickup

We are all missing the folks we used to love hanging out with. If you find a terrific concert event that you cannot wait to see, ask around and see who else is going to be there. When your party is big enough, put it on the bus!

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