Go Green in Style on the Party Bus!

Go Green in Style on the Party Bus

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in comfort with great friends on a party bus driven by a pro.

If you love St. Patrick’s Day and are tired of staying in, build your own clan of Irish celebration on a party bus in Richmond. The party starts as soon as you get on board!

Customize the Party

Don’t think you have to celebrate with nothing but green beer. You can create a party that suits

  • your tastes
  • the favorites of your friends and guests
  • both food and drink

Simplify arrangements by choosing a central meeting spot and arranging with your driver to pick up your whole group; simply select a well-lighted location with good security and leave your cars for later use. If you plan to drink, make sure you have an easy pickup site for Uber drivers to get to so everyone gets home safe.

Visit the Pub or Stay in the Bus

As you plan your travels for the night, consider whether you want to offer a meal or enough hearty snacks to fill folks up. Because lots of folks will be looking to party that night, you may want to order food to go and get take-out on the bus.

When you send out your invites, consider attaching

  • a menu
  • a request for music selections
  • a list of drink options

With this information, your guests can get their taste buds set for party food ideas and make any special requests to suit dietary concerns.

What About a Rolling Movie Night?

Your limo bus experience does not mean that you’re going to be sitting shoulder to shoulder and all facing forward. The limo bus offers wraparound seating for easy conversation and fun connection.

Once you’re all settled on the wraparound, consider firing up the screen and watching a great Irish film. Check out any film featuring Colin Farrell, Daniel Day-Lewis, or Saoirse Ronan. Why not? It’s your party on wheels!

Suppose you really want to get wild on movie choices. Why not check out Snakes on a Plane in honor of the work of St. Patrick, who legend tells, drove snakes out of Ireland during the fifth century A.D? Anything as possible as long as everyone remembers to wear their green.

Packing Options

Depending on where you want to take your party, you may want to bring a change of clothes or some extra shoes. Not only can you bring a small bag for extra gear, but your limo bus offers

  • charging ports
  • fiber optic lighting
  • the movie screen
  • a great sound system

Want to dance? There’s a space in the center. Want to relax and have an adult beverage? You can arrange your own stock of supplies. Want to share a favorite Irish snack treat with your besties? Serving is easy on the consoles between the leather sofas that line the walls of the bus.

Book Your Rolling Party!

Skip the bar crush, the crowded restaurants, and the driving hazards that come with drinking and driving. Your bus driver is a professional who knows the region and can help you manage both the traffic and any detours caused by parades and other special events.

Additionally, your party bus is big enough to catch the eye of even the most distracted driver. Your trip around the region on the bus can be nothing but fun; let the professionals handle the driving and traffic worries.

You can also enjoy plenty of privacy on the bus. The windows are tinted, the lighting can be turned low, and it’s possible to close off the party space from the driver’s spot to help everyone relax and protect the driver from distractions.

You can enjoy a terrific time on St. Patrick’s Day without having to worry about getting too close to too many strangers or dealing with drivers who really should not be behind the wheel. It’s time to reconnect and get back out into the world. Why not take your favorite folks out for a party bus ride?

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