Start Summer off Right with a Wine Tour with 540 Party Bus

a wine tour to start your summer off right

Are you ready to start summer off with a bang?! The perfect event for this year’s upcoming summer is enjoying a wine tour with a group of friends or family members. Relax outside near the vineyards or riverfronts while sipping on a variety of wines. Attending such an occasion with a party bus makes it all the more fun – a larger group of friends, comfortable seating, and a professional and licensed designated driver.

Virginia is filled with top-notch wineries in every direction, and here at 540 Party Bus, we have a list of the best of the best. Here are some of our favorite places to take our beloved wine conuseurs:

Waterford Cluster Tour

In the Waterford area, there is a group of wineries featured on our list; Creeks Edge Winery, Waterford Wine Reserve, Hiddencroft Vineyards, and Villiage Winery and Vineyards. Each of these wineries is open year-round for self-guided tastings and wine-by-the-bottle purchases. Each stop on this mouth-watering wine tour has its own events, making each visit unique and interesting. Looking for a place to host a private event? The beautiful vineyards at each of these locations have views that are perfect for private celebrations. As one of our top-rated wine tours, 540 Party Bus and its team members know it is a trail for each wine lover to enjoy.

Leesburg Wine Cluster Tour

Just 20 minutes Southeast of our Waterford Cluster Tour is the area the Leesburg Cluster Tour is located. With stops at 6 different wineries, you can be sure to find the perfect taste for you. A few of the stops are Willowcroft Wine, Zephaniah Farm Vineyard, Stone Tower Winery, and Dry Mill Wine. For 36 years, Willowcroft Wine has been perfecting its craft of wine along the Blue Ridge Mountains and Loudoun Valley. Zephaniah Farm grows 14 different grape varieties that makeup two white blends, an intentional rose, and three reds on the tasting list. Each stop on this list has a unique quality about them that makes them stand out among the rest.

Fauquier Cluster Tour

The Fauquier Cluster Tour includes seven of the best wineries in Fauquier county; Barrel Oak Winery, Aspen Dale Winery, Three Fox Vineyards, Miracle Valley Vineyard, Naked Mountain Winery, Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery, and last, but not least, Desert Rose Winery. These seven stops on our tour include some of the best wine tastings paired with special events and wine clubs. This tour is the perfect way to get your vino fix and join a wine club or community to continue the fun for months to come.

Although there are only three tours listed here, 540 Party Bus is proud to have several other wine tour options for those looking in a different area. Your experience starts the moment you step inside our party bus- the wraparound leather seating, large TVs, and other features create an ambiance you will never soon forget. For every wine tour, we guarantee an experienced driver, prompt service, and customer service that show how passionate we are about making sure you and your group have the time of your lives. At 540 Party Bus, we strive to provide services that go beyond our customers’ expectations and creates a memorable experience for any party atmosphere.

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