An In-Depth Look Into 540 Party Bus Fleet

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Keep your group party focused and fun with a Party Bus Fleet rental!

Renting a ride from a Party Bus Fleet means that you can transport friends, family, co-workers, and other groups to big events in style and keep things orderly. It also means that you can skip investing in a venue at all and simply keep the party on wheels. There will be a driver who knows how to safely get you and yours to wherever you want to go.

Arrive at Your Venue in Style

For those who need to transport folks to a work-related event, a wedding, or a memorial service, the Cadillac Escalade will bring six or fewer guests to the venue in style. This vehicle offers comfy leather seats, terrific visibility for your guests, and worry-free transport for those in your charge.

If you have a larger group and the occasion rises to a bit more festivity, the Mercedes Sprinter is the smallest party-ready vehicle in the Party Bus Fleet. You can use the fiber-optic lighting to set a simple color scheme for more sedate events or program a variety of colors for those ready to get a bit more festive. This 12 seater vehicle will get your group to the venue in eye-catching style!

Small Parties Welcome!

For long-term travel plans for a group of up to 12 people, you can carry your clan in comfort in the Ford Transit member of the Party Bus Fleet. Tall guests will love being able to stand up and easily get around this comfortable, serviceable vehicle. Even better, your guests can all charge up their phones for fun pics of this comfy travel choice!

Travel Fun for More Than a Dozen

If you’re ready to create a rolling party for a birthday or an anniversary, the 14 seater Ford E-450 is a terrific option. There’s a big table for games if you choose to use it, and comfy leather seats line both sides of the vehicle. Take your loved ones out to view the Christmas lights, take a tour to the closest winery, and relax in comfort as you move from venue to venue.

Enjoy a Rolling Party on the Way to the Main Event!

Many of us are excited to get back into the world and enjoy concerts and other big social events. If you have ever struggled to find parking, connect with a bunch of friends and hire a vehicle from the Party Bus Fleet! You will have space for up to 26 in the F-550 Ford Party Bus and can bring food and drink to enjoy on the way. After the show, you can easily get back to the party bus and get everyone safely to an Uber pickup site, to their train stops, or to their vehicles.

Transport a Big Group

You can carry 28 passengers in a traditional bus seating array with a luxurious feel. There’s a custom lighting package and a sound system that you can put to work to enhance the experience of the whole event. For example, if you need to transport a large group to a big anniversary party or a wedding, share the favorite tunes of the parties to be honored as you safely move your clan to the venue.

Who Needs a Venue?

You can also just skip the venue and book the Ford F-550 Party Bus to spend your party night on wheels. Dancers will rock out to all 8 speakers. If your group doesn’t like to dance, you can show a movie for your whole group to enjoy. No matter your party tastes, this 26 passenger bus will suit every need. There’s music, video, custom lights, ice, water, and everything you need to fire up your party-theme imagination.

The 540 Party Bus Fleet offers travel for those who like to let their hair down. They also have vehicles that can transport people in more sedate comfort. Whether you’re planning a big, scary Halloween bash, headed to a Thanksgiving feast or football game, or are excited to view local Christmas lights, 540 Party Bus can help you book just the vehicle to suit your needs.

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